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EVANESCENCE "Origin" CD by BIGWIG, 11 tracks
EVANESCENCE "Origin" CD by BIGWIG, 11 tracks


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All Artists: Evanescence
Title: EVANESCENCE "Origin" CD by BIGWIG, 11 tracks
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CD Reviews

Amy Lee says download it! Don't pay for copies.
Patricia K. Hansel | Houston, TX | 11/02/2009
(4 out of 5 stars)

"If you are serious about this cd check out this page first: [...]

The tracks on this page are provided in accordance with the express permission granted by Ben Moody and Amy Lee in their interview with DC101 radio on February 24, 2003.

interviewer: but now do you realize how much your old stuff is selling for on ebay right now?

amy: it's a shame

ben: two hundred and fifty-five dollars

interviewer: isn't that amazing?

ben: I want to say right now, and I posted this on the message board, that's ridiculous

amy: we are not doing that

ben: download it

amy: yeah, download it

ben: download it - that's old stuff, you can't buy it, so you're not stealing anything from us, just download it

amy: honestly, just buy the album [Fallen] it's so much better now than we were when we were kids

ben: and for those of you selling it for that amount of money, it's a

amy: damn you!

ben: yeah, that's a freaking joke

interviewer: Ben, do you guys get pissed when you find out people are downloading your music?

ben: no

interviewer: not the old stuff, but I mean like anything like new that floats around?

amy: we want people to hear our music however they can and since the CD is right now - it's not out - you know to go online and to download it and to hear it and see if they want to buy the album that's totally great - I encourage that but you know we hope they'll like it enough to go buy the album when it comes out

ben: we have faith in the people who, if they really like our music

amy: they'll want to support us

ben: they're going to be cool enough to want to support us and realize that if they don't, then the record label gets our first born child

Amazing demos from an amazing Gothic Rock/Metal band!!!!
Joy | Fairfax, VA USA | 04/02/2010
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This is the official tracklist:




My Immortal

Where Will You Go?

Field of Innocence

Even In Death (On this album, this is their most gothic sounding song, I totally love it!!)

Anywhere (I love this amazing ballad so much!!)


Away From Me (Just incredible!!)


Now, I'm just reviewing the songs on here. This is amazing!! Any Evanescence fan should love this!! I hope one day they will release all their demos and unreleased material. It's all such masterpieces!!!"
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I love this CD. I just got it, and it was exactly what I was expecting! These are my ratings on each song:

Origin ~ 7.5/10 ~ This song really could have been part of Whisper,but I guess they were just looking to have more songs.

Whisper ~ 9/10 ~ This track sounds just like the Fallen version, only a little more scratchy and industrial.

Imaginary ~ 11/10 ~ I LOVE this version better than I like the Fallen one. It just sounds better.

My Immortal ~ 9/10 ~ This version sounds just like the one on Fallen, only it just keeps you waiting for the violins to come on.

Where Will You Go ~ 10/10 ~ Probably my second-favorite song on the album, this song should have been put on Fallen. It's about someone who is conceited and only thinks about themselves.

Field of Innocence ~ 9/10 ~ A song about remembering what it was like to be a child.

Even In Death ~ 8/10 ~ A song about the feeling you get when someone dies - like you could just talk with them, and people call you crazy for doing that,

Anywhere ~ 9/10 ~ About a couple who creates their own imaginary world....

Lies ~ 10/10 ~ I like it when the death growls come on, this is the only song by Evanescence that has death growls.

Away From Me ~ 8.5/10 ~ I like the chorus of this song, but some other parts can get boring. That's just MY opinion , though.

Eternal ~ 9.5/10 ~ The beeping is really cool, this song just sounds like a bunch of random sounds: from beeping to piano to rain to drums etc.

Whole album ~ 10/10

Those are my ratings. If you disagree or want to add anything, then add a comment! :P