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Posting a CD to your Tower is very easy.  You can post CDs one at a time, or in batches, or upload a file of UPCs.

Before you Post, please note:

  • Your CDs must be the original discs.
    • Posting burned copies of CDs is not permitted.
    • Posting a burned copy of a CD will jeopardize your membership at SwapaCD.
  • All CDs, including Promotional or Advanced copies, must match the Title, Artist, Track Listing, and Disc Count exactly.
  • Your CDs must be playable to be posted.
  • CDs at SwapaCD are valued at 1 credit per disc.

To post your CD:

  • Go to the Post CDs page

    From anywhere on the site:
    • Place your cursor over My Account in the toolbar at the top of the page
    • Click Post CDs in the menu that drops down
From My Account:
  • Click the Post CDs tab
From My Bookshelf:
  • Click the link "Post CDs" at the top left, in the yellow bar 
  •  Posting by UPC  (left of page) 

    • The UPC is a 12-digit number on the back of the CD case, below the barcode.
    • If the UPC field does not turn green, and no listing preview comes up, the UPC (title/artist) are not recognized by the SwapaCD database.
    • Check that you have entered the information correctly, and try again.
  • Posting by Title and Artist (right of page)

    • This may bring up several choices
    • Scroll down the list and check the track lists to find your exact CD
  • On the next page:

    • You will see the CD Listing Preview.
      • confirm that this is the correct CD.
      • Click the + beside "Track Listing" to check the tracks
      • Title, Artist, Track Listing, and Disc Count must ALL match your CD exactly in order to use this listing to post your CD.
    • Choose your CD Attributes (what you are planning to include with your CD):
      • Disc Only
      • Disc + back insert
      • Disc + front insert
      • Disc + front and back inserts
    • Choose whether or not to put this CD onto your Tower on Hold (so that it is not available for requesting).
  • When you are done, click

    • Be sure that your CD matches the one shown (artist, title, tracks, and disc count) 

    • Do not click Refresh on your browser while the button reads "Processing..."  Doing this may cause the CD to be posted twice.

To Post multiple CDs:

  • Click the "Post Multiple CDs" link at the top of the Post CDs page
  • Enter your UPCs
  • All valid/recognized UPCs will turn green in the list
    • Any UPCs in boxes that do NOT turn green are not recognized by the SwapaCD database.
    • Check those UPCs for accuracy--remove any that are not recognized

To Post a File of UPCs:

  • Click the "Post a File of UPCs" link at the top of the Post CDs page
  • You'll see a "Browse..." button that will allow you to find the plain text file of UPCs on your computer.
  • Next, click the "Upload File Now" button to send the list of UPCs to our servers.
  • On the next page, you'll be asked to confirm each CD before it's added to your Tower.

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