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Topic: A newcomer to this genre....

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Kristen D.

Subject: A newcomer to this genre....
Date Posted: 4/30/2007 1:00 PM ET
Member Since: 4/21/2007
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Hello world!!! My name is Kristen and I am a newcomer to this particular genre. I am 'broadening my horizons' and I just wanted to know if anyone could possibly suggest some BEGINNERS' heavy metal? Does Papa Roach qualify? And what about Red Hot Chilli Peppers?
FrandyAndy (Frances A.)

Date Posted: 5/12/2007 7:57 PM ET
Member Since: 5/12/2007
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Hi Kristen,
You post made me laugh. I like Papa Roach and that is a good 'intro' I suppose. I don't like the RHCP at all, and they are not metal by most standards. You've got a lot a trying to do in this genre... have fun!
djtal (Daniel T.)

Date Posted: 6/21/2007 2:04 PM ET
Member Since: 6/11/2007
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It seems to me that over the years the definition of Heavy Metal has changed. Lately that genre seems to have been subdivided ad nauseum. I seem to lean in a "Progressive Metal" direction. I think that includes bands like Dream Theater and Symphony X. Both of those bands have offshoots by various individual members. Try "Russell Allen's Atomic Soul" - I do believe that will qualify as Heavy Metal. Good luck.
Nuin (Steven G.)

Date Posted: 6/24/2007 5:16 PM ET
Member Since: 6/21/2007
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What have you heard that you've liked? As djtal stated Metal has become a very broad category. You may want to track down some good sampelers. The Best of Metal Blade series, Metal Massacre series, Doomsday News, or maybe a Road Runner sampeler. Here are some recommendations that cut through most of the sub-categories, most of these are generally considered "Classics":

Metallica - "Master of Puppets"
Metallica - "Ride the Lightening"
Anthrax - "Spreading the Disease"
S.O.D - Stormtroopers of Death"
Slayer - "South of Heaven"
Slayer - "Seasons in the Abyss"
Coroner - "Mental Vortex"
Celtic Frost - "To Megatherion"
Destruction - "Mad Butcher/Eternal Devastation"
Destruction - "Release From Agony"
Destruction - "Cracked Brain"
Sodom - "Agent Orange"
Sodom - "Persecution Mania"
Megadeth - "Peace Sells, but Who's Buying"
Metal Church - "The Dark"
Voivod - "Nothingface"
Voivod - "Dimension Hatross"
...and that's just barely scratching the surface.

Midrange Metal:
Yngwie Malmsteem - "Marching Out"
Yngwie Malmsteem - "Triology"
Omen - "The Curse"
Fates Warning - "Awaken the Guardian"
Fates Warning - "The Spectre Within"
Helloween - "Keeper of the Seven Keys"
Queensryche - "Rage for Order"
Queensryche - "Operation Mindcrime"
Dragonforce - "Inhuman Rampage"
Dragonforce - "Valley of the Damned"
Hallow's Eve - "Monument"

Some that are experimental or unusual:
Coroner - "Grin"
Celtic Frost - "Into the Pandemonium"
Voivod - "Angelrat"
Theatre of Tragedy - "Velvet Darkness They Fear"
Alchemist - "Organasm"
Metallica - "S&M"

Those are some of my all time favorites. For the most part I've left out the Black or overly satanic metal. Hope that helps...
BamaCrueChick (Donna M.)

Date Posted: 6/26/2007 10:54 AM ET
Member Since: 6/11/2007
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Steven thanks for doing that list! I don't know if I should be here or in the classic rock section bc my favorites are Metallica, GunsNRoses, Motley Crue, Nirvana, etc. along that line. I like hard rock/metal but I do like to halfway understand the lyrics...LOL! Since I've found this club I really want to branch out and was just about to do a thread asking for recommendations. I want to try Nine Inch Nails (I've heard With Teeth is their best but I can't find it here.) I also want to try Godsmack. I havent heard alot of Godsmack but saw them on a VH1 special last year and liked them. No clue what a good album of theirs would be. I really like James Hetfield and would love any recommendations of voice similar to his and any recommendations of anyone who can pound the hell out drums like Tommy Lee. Can anyone help? I love music and am not afraid to try anything new.
unholyblackdeath (William E.)

Subject: Metal Music
Date Posted: 7/3/2007 6:32 PM ET
Member Since: 6/4/2007
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Lets not forget Black Metal!

Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Mayhem, Darkthrone

Also Melodic Death Metal like Amon Amarth

These styles are very hard but also have melody and cohesion.  Alot of the other hard is not very musical and sounds like a bunch of noise.

Budgie (Raef N.)

Date Posted: 7/12/2007 3:06 PM ET
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Is "Shred" part of it?

If you like melodic Instrumental soaring rock guitar, that's what you need to look for. Artists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Gary Hoey, Michael Lee Firkins, Steve Stevens and Blues Saraceno are a few of those.

If you need recommendations, let me know.

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Ben F.

Date Posted: 8/8/2007 6:11 PM ET
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for a beginner in metal i think megadeth corrosion of conformity or my fav iron maiden would be great starts

Ben F.

Date Posted: 8/8/2007 6:33 PM ET
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kristen i forgot to tell you if you do take my advice try 

corrosion of conformity   deliverance

iron maiden   peice of mind

ironmaiden  the number of the beast

megadeth   youthanasia

megadeth  risk

megadeth  countdown to extinction

megadeth rust in peace

megadeth peace sells but who is buying

anyway these are all great albums and i havent even scraced the surface yet  so enjoy

noodlesalad (Shelly P.)

Date Posted: 8/13/2007 10:42 PM ET
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When it comes to the Hard rock & Metal stuff, I should grab up the CD versions of my old tape version's.... I was looking though mine (mostly Death metal) but I saw some that I was like huh, I should pop those in the tape deck I didn't even remember that I had these ones! But then I got a little scared when I read names like Warrior soul , Dokken , and Whitesnake... heheh I must of got these ones in tades from friends.... I did laugh out loud when I came across a copy of conan the barbarian original soundtract... ahhh  memories,   weird.... memories....

pimpmonkey (Caron H.)

Subject: newcomer to this genre
Date Posted: 8/28/2007 3:48 AM ET
Member Since: 8/28/2007
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they need to make a dictionary for the new categories of rock.  10 years ago i would have known what to tell you but now there are too many categories to tell just what you are looking for

caveman (Andy D.)

Date Posted: 9/2/2007 8:46 PM ET
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you should try "Disturbed"  "Three days grace"  or "Drowning Pool" they are pretty good starters for heavy metal



Rockchick429 (Heather G.)

Date Posted: 1/19/2008 2:28 AM ET
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My personal fave is Sevendust.  I'm not sure I'd classify them as metal, but that seems to be the 'expert' consensus.  They are extremely heavy (especially their latest album "Alpha")  yet still melodic.  That's what drew me to them.  They are a heavy band that can sing.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  They did go towards a more melodic, less heavy sound for a little while, but their last two releases have been pretty brutal.  If you like heavy music but still want to understand the lyrics, give them a listen.

A few other faves are Soil and Nonpoint.     

And a note to Donna, Godsmack is an awesome band.  If you're new to them, they just released a greatest hits CD.  That may be the way to go for you.  All their best songs on one CD (and it comes with a DVD bonus).  And if you're looking for a drummer that kills, try Sevendust.  Morgan Rose can beat the hell out of a drum set.

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AdmiralAxtell (Derrick A.)

Date Posted: 9/22/2009 10:27 PM ET
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Metallica is an easy start into the world of Metal. They are the first band I really started getting into that was considered Metal and now I like all kinds of stuff.