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Title: Tell It to My Heart
Artist: Taylor Dayne
Original Release Date: 1/19/1988
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: 15 Songs for a Merry Christmas
Artist: Various Artists
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Love Songs
Artist: Various
Original Release Date: 6/1/1994
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Let It Loose
Artist: Gloria Estefan, Miami Sound Machine
Original Release Date: 6/1/1987
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Great Irving Berlin
Artist: Irving Berlin
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Let's Get It on
Artist: Marvin Gaye
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Rodgers & Hart Songbook
Artist: Sarah Vaughan
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Sleeping With the Past
Artist: Elton John
Original Release Date: 8/29/1989
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Performs Kurt Weill
Artist: Ute Lemper
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Better Together - The Duet Album
Artist: Various
Original Release Date: 10/8/1991
SwapaCD Credits: 1

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